Laila Debs is a Broadcast Media Consultant, Creative Director, Theatre Director and Producer, Casting Director and Theatrical Agent based in London since 1987.

The extensive experience Laila gained over the years in both, live and recording arts, not only spans three continents, but also the valuable professional knowledge she amassed in the process further increase the wealth of diversity in her career.

Having discovered, nurtured, directed and managed talent over the past 20 years, Laila has fully developed the skill of motivating individuals and teams to seek new challenges by overcoming their fears and non confidence areas.

Presently Laila has partnered with a group of fellow professionals between London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Nigeria to establish Global Consultancy Services, a company offering human performance solutions to meet all aspects of any business objectives. The group's wide area of expertise and resources can tailor, efficient and effective solutions for specific training and development needs.